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Legacy Videos

Everyone has stories to tell,

but having a story is not enough

if it's not passed down to future generations





Preserving Family Legacy

​Partner with us in capturing

your story



We tailor the process to meet your needs but usually include

View from Ferry Boat - Cumberland Island.jpg

Why We Do It

We Know Everyone Has

  • A Story to Tell

  • A Legacy to Hand Down

  • An Inspiration to Give

  • A Memory to Share

  • An Experience to Teach from

  • A Need for Meaning Making

  • A Need for Closure

  • A Desire to Record These

Morning Climb to Amber Fort - Jaipur India.jpg

What We Do

We Set Up & Provide

  • 2 HDR cameras

  • 1 Gimbal held camera

  • 1 - 2 lapel microphones

  • Appropriate Lighting

  • Record Audio & Video

  • Mix Audio & Video

  • Digitize Old Photos

  • Digital Copy of Legacy Video

Sun Setting over Paris.jpg

How We Do It

​We Use And Support

  • Story Telling Format

  • Interview Format

  • Active Listening for Life Review

  • 1-2 Individuals Speaking

  • Inspirations for Story Telling

  • Connection at A Deeper Level

  • Interview Questions As Needed

  • Engage Loved Ones

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