Follow Your Dreams

Can that really be done?

Selfie in Joshua Tree National Park

As a kid I was an avid National Geographic reader...or at least I looked at the pictures. National Geographic opened up a world of possibilities and adventures outside of my native rural Georgia. The photographers behind those glossy pictures showed me places that I could see and experience for myself. These photographers who lived to tell the tale with their beautiful photos gave me courage to try the same.

Pictures of Southern California yell freedom to me. Maybe its the remoteness or the open sky that makes me feel free. In 2017 the desert of California received record rainfall and that spring it was predicted to be a Super Bloom.

I was on the verge of entering into an new decade in age and all I could think of was.... if I don't go now, when will I go? For days I searched the web for hotels, camping spots, rental cars, and places to go see. Next was booking the flight. This was the point I told my husband I was running away from home and I asked him, "Do you want to come with me?" Of course he said yes!

My goal was two-fold: to get pictures of the desert flowers and to sleep in the Mohave Desert.

Goal ONE....omg the place was so beyond beautiful!

Brillant colors like these popped out from the barren ground.

The desert floor was carpeted with little yellow flowers.

Goal TWO: sleep in the Mohave Desert.

It's hard to get last minute booking for camping in National Parks, but we got one. We just had to be flexable and non-territory- meaning we had to be willing to change spots every night.'re not seeing a tent. Since we flew in from Georgia, there was no way to bring our camping gear with us. But for less than a night stay in a hotel we got sleeping bags, foam pads to cushion the back of our car rental, water, Gatorade, and enough food for 3 days.

Sleeping in the park allowed us to be near sites like this.

Snow capped mountains. We saw these as our plane flew over on the way to LAX airport.

Joshua Tree National Park has great roads with lots of pull offs. So when we found an area that we wanted to explore a little more we just pulled over and hiked into the desert. Short hikes allowed us to see stunning rock formations. Since it was early spring, the sky was full of wispy clouds and brilliant blue.

Dramatic light was everywhere...

Ranchers installed Big Horn Dam in the 1940s for water storage, and it was at full pool with the spring rains.

So YES...sometimes it's possible to follow your dreams.

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