Follow Your Dreams Part II

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Can it Be Done?

One of my dreams has been to photograph Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island at sunrise. With one night in a hotel and the second night camping, we left home at 1am on the first day. My plan was to have at least 3 mornings to get that perfect photo of the sun peeking over the ocean.

After nearly 6 hours in the car, the first morning sunrise yielded a beach covered in thick fog with the sunlight so defused by fog the sky was casted in an eerie blue-green. So I pulled out the wide-angle lens and got compositions that I never would have thought of without the fog.

So my dream on this first day was not compromised, but adjusted.

I found this shot when a companion of one of the many photographers on the beach got tired of waiting and

sat done to check her phone. I love how the driftwood and sky frame her in and of course the texture of the driftwood was beautiful.

This is the beach's current iconic tree to photograph.

Dense fog made a shallow depth of field.

After breakfast and nap in the car we set off for exploring the island before checking into the hotel. That evening we had a great dinner of fish and chips at the local pub and then we were ready for a good night sleep. I set the alarm and checked the weather. Next morning was suppose to be clear.

Now I'm a bit on the lazy side and getting up early is not really my thing. To add to my laziness, I really don't like lugging around and using my tripod, but I over came both of these flaws and was able to capture the following on the 2nd morning at Jekyll.

The sun was a faithful old friend who showed up on time in her best dress. Again there were several photographers there and all of them were brilliantly respectful. Two things I was really glad I dragged in with me other than the tripod: a headlamp and a large thermos of coffee.

That morning I was whisked away to the world of creativity and light. Time stood still as the light changed revealing new compositions as the morning progressed.

Over the next few days, I will be uploading these images and others for purchase @

Again the question. Do Dreams Come True? Yes, they do, but you have to give yourself permission to dream and grace to go with the flow when things aren't exactly like you imaged.

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