What Real Estate Agents Should Ask When Hiring a Photographer

There are so many people out there with DSLRs who promise you the moon at discount prices. But when the photos come back, something just isn't right.

This can be really problematic and it should be. You are on a tight time line. A homeowner is trusting you to coordinate the sale of their most valuable asset and they don't want you screwing it up. Bad photos can do just that and make you look bad in the process!

Studies show that properties with bad photos get fewer buyers touring the property and that means fewer offers. Do I have to say it? Fewer offers often means less money for the sale.

There are many factors that make one photographer stand out among others, but in this article, I'm gonna narrow it down to 3 initial questions you can ask a photographer before hiring them. Hopefully these can help you sort through the many photographers out there.

First Question - Ask them to send you a link to their website and/or online gallery. A photographer without a website (or some online presence) is like a convenience store with no gas. If a photographer hasn't taken the time, or made the effort, to build a website that really reflects poorly on them. A website not only gives you a place to see the quality of their work, but it communicates a level of seriousness to the art of being in business. Real Estate Photography is a business, not a hobby.

Second Question - Ask for a list of recently photographed properties and the name of 2 agents they are currently working with. This shows that they are really out there photographing properties. A quick online search allows you can compare photos from their website with photos they delivered to current listing. If you have any doubts check their references. A quick call can help you know more about the photographer's level of professionalism while working on a property. Ask things like have they ever been a no show for an appointment, do they follow through with promised services, and whatever else is important to you to have in a vendor.

Third Question - Ask who is going to be on site taking the photos? This is VITAL for quality consistency and is especially important when considering hiring through a 'Big Box' real estate photography company. A 'Big Box' photography company is usually not locally owned. These companies usually service multiple states or large territories and have their headquarters elsewhere. They hire photographers and non-photographers alike, put them through a training program, give them a camera, and send them out there. Many times these photographers are new to real estate photography and are usually paid poorly. Photographer turn over is often high and the chances of you getting the same photographer every time is slim.

I know it can be confusing and frustrating when it comes to finding the right photographer. I hope this scratch on the surface of this topic helps!

Thanks for the read!


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